Saturday, January 30, 2010

Custom Domains on Blogger

Blogger recently announced that it would no longer support FTP publishing.  What this means for users that have a Blogger blog on their domain (ie -, is that they must:
  • Move their site's content publishing to Blogger hosting (if they want the blog on the home page)
  • Move only their blog page to Blogger hosting on a subdomain (ie -
  • Use blogspot for blog hosting (then display in an shtml page or potentially as an RSS feed)
  • Use a different service (ie which charges for FTP publishing) or install a blog application on their server
This is both a burden and an opportunity for FTP users.  For many of us, FTP was working acceptably if not optimally, so changing over to any of the above solutions may not result in much net gain.  Over the long run for clients who want to use Blogger custom domain service to host all of their pages, the cessation of FTP publishing support may be the impetus you need to finally get free (albeit limited) content management.  Each solution has its own benefits and drawbacks - contact us today to discuss which Blogger approach is right for you.