Monday, February 6, 2006

Marcia Feldman & Associates Revamp

In February of 2006, Collabowrite revisited the design for Marcia Feldman & Associates and gave the site a complete overhaul. now features an atomz search function, with customized results display, CSS/table hybrid design, suckerfish drop-downs, renovated Blogger weblogs, and really pretty lists! In the next few weeks, MF&A will be working on her direct mail portfolio, which will use a flash slideshow.

Marcia Feldman & Associates partners with Collabowrite to deliver comprehensive solutions for non-profit organizations. Since 1989, MF&A has produced the direct mail campaigns and significantly enhanced fundraising operations for a wide variety of non-profits, from hospitals to international relief to animal shelters. Over the years, MF&A has worked with The Red Cross, Texas Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Methodist Hospital, The University of Houston, The University of Texas, and many more great organizations in both the Houston area and nationally.